Software for Usenet

Unless you are using a Provider like Binverse who provide all-in-one software package and search engine, you will most definitely need to have some basic stuff installed to make full use of your Usenet account. Now is a good time to add that specialized and super good software to cruise the usenet comes at a price. Not to steep but nevertheless not free. This is however not to say you cant easily get by with free software which are just as amazing and faultless. Not all programs are good whether paid or free. But some programs that I list here are not only free they are so well done, well supported and well thought out that I wonder why it is free at all. So I thank the developers for creating and maintaining such good software for free. Even though they never ask you for your money, I request that if you choose a software I list here and find it useful please donate something to these great folks.

For some files, direct download links are provided here, hosted on Google so that they are faster than the original program website.

Well so without further delay lets see what software you will need after signing up with a provider of your choice.

     Regardless of whether you download from usenet or not this is a basic requirement. Without these your system is as good as dead anyway on the internet. Get something basic, dont waste time with the latest and greatest comparison because something is better than nothing. Unless you're on Linux then make sure you have some sorta rootkit scanner installed.
  2. File Unzip utility 
    Now Winrar is not free and is damn annoying when used free. No doubt its a great piece of 20th century software that has survived so far. But there are good (in fact better) free alternatives. So get this program called 7zip. You can also download directly below ***x64.msi is for 64 bit systems. If you don't know what that is download the 7z**.msi without(x64) one. For Mac and other system you can visit their site for a slow download.
  3. Archive Repair Utility program.
    Unless you are a computer geek, server admin, data (xxx certification lingo shit) expert you may or may not have ever heard or used it. But actually its very simple. I wont go into technical details like some sites do. What matters is this, large files on usenet newsgroups are split into chunks like part01.rar part02.rar etc and sometimes they get corrupted on transfer. this is where an optional set of files are usually provided by the uploader and have *.par2 endings. This par2 is used to repair IF the files are damanged. This utility is also handy of combining files that are split like 3dmovie.avi.001,3dmovie.avi.002 .... You can just double click the *.par2 file and the software will repair and recombine the files into ready to use good file. There is only one LEGIT utility for this for Windows, it is called QuickPar. Install it and let it be. For Mac OSX and other platfoms please see here . Windows User can fast download it below
  4. Last but not the Least, NZB Downloading software.
    In my own words "NZB is to Usenet  as .torrent is to Torrent Network". Since large files (and their repair files) are basically split into many files it became important to find an easy way to send them to someone as a list without all the hassle of listing each and every post for download. So logically we have someone invent the simple and most useful file format called the NZB format. By getting this last software we basically have a program to which we feed this file to and it does the rest in the background. ALL software for downloading from usenet support NZB files and give you the same files regardless of the provider. cool right ;) Some NZB loading software also do all the repairing and unzipping work for you automatically, they even clean up after them selves. I am going to list them in a separate post along with help tips. I have attached the program I use, the latest version if someones wants to go ahead and start cruising in the usenet right away.

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